Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Lovely Weather

Guess summer is coming gradually and you know what Im so excited, abi now what else.

This morning as I was going out, got a Bus and as we were going there was this white man that wanted to get on the bus but he was so enjoying his cigarette that when the bus was staying right infront of him, doors opened for him he probably thinks the driver would wait for him to just smoke extra bit of it, but then the driver drove off, everyone including me started laughing...oloshi if it was an interview he was going to, such thing would have happened to him, but I mean why on earth do people smoke, and they're really loving how they killing themselves gradually? If you are a smoker, please find a way to stop now, it like it's an enemy of progress to me oh.

So back to the weather, I woke up and tuned the Tv to the station they going to say what the weather will be like, they predicted 22 as i would say because sometimes they lie lol and that it's going to be dry , I love summer, summer oh yea summer

Here's a short poem:

The sun was shining brightly;

The days are getting warmer

And The rain had gone away.

Summer is a time to be Enjoying summer days

Relaxing, reading, sleeping late, Swimming, Going on Holidays.

Summer is the perfect time For having lots of fun.

I can stay up now and watch my favorite shows,

Go to movies, shop the malls, And, after that, who knows?

Let’s make the most of every day,

There is no time to lose, It’s wonderful to have the chance to do anything we choose.

Because it’s not fun to play alone,

Come spend a day with me;

Summer is the perfect time,

I know you will agree.


Ugo Daniels said...

Yea, summer's always a wild thing here in Cyprus, where i am studying...lol!

btw, tnx for stoppin by mine! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

yes o, tell me abourit summer's whatsup!!!! Cant wait for it to start fully( u know , without the rain).
Thanks for stopping by mine and nice blog u'v got!!