Thursday, May 17, 2007

Possession or Teenage prob?

She is a sixteen years old girl and came with her family to reside in Uk about 4years ago, she used to be a very good girl, a church goer with her family and she is calm.
But Is she now possessed or what? There was a time a question was raised that, When is the right time a girl should have a boyfriend

Girl: I think a girl should have a boyfriend at 16, because by then she is free to do anything she wants, she is an adult

Her teacher wrote her parents "As a parent you need to teach your children before putting them in school"
Her parents are embarassed, her Dad do everything to satisty her but she just doesn't care, her Dad gives her pocket money everyday and do all his best but she is just being possessed
When she cooks she cooks for herself and throw away the remaining food, instead of her to share the food with her siblings.
Everyone advises (sp?) her but she would do what pleases her.
She said she has a boyfriend and guess what most of the time she's on the phone talking until the
her phone start warming up.

There was a time at school her teacher says they want to talk to her parent, she didn't tell her parents at home, she went to tell one of her boyfriend who stood for her as her uncle, her Dad tried later to do the mean thing but she said she would report them to the police and if so they would be taken with her siblings to the social services where they eould be catered for, but her father is just too confused.

How do you think I can help this girl out? I can talk to her and I know she will listen to me, but what can I say to make her head come back to the right sense?

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