Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Lol, yesterday I went to the Nigerian house/embassy and as usual saw lots of people. It was my first time of visit there, I went to re-new my Naija passport abi now, I will still have access to my own motherland country now or what do you think and there after submitting the passport even though the woman accused me of coming late, didnt say nothing becuase i sef know our naija people... So as I dey go dey sit, na so I hear phone rings and na naija songs oh here and there, i was laffing to myself, but then again, everything went dark and i was surprised and when the light came back again I heard someone saying UP NEPA...ah only naija's, corruption and still proud of it, Na only God go save us...abeg helep me say a big (Amen)

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hahaha. First time here. Nice post!