Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Funny; Toothbrush styles

What do you about these toothbrushes?

What other position can they be in apart form these?
The winner will ill ll l......

Note: Blog is always about gists anyways but some fun things have to come in between.

Miss Universe 2007

Everyone say Yeah! preferably people that are Fans of Miss Universe, its here again this year

Check out their website to know more lets see Nigerian contests



Do you think she can win? why?

Kunle Afolayan sets to WED

You all should know who Kunle Afolayan is well he's set to wed Tolu, the mother of his daughter on 26th of May this Year. As we all know Kunle Afolayan being Ade love's son is taking his Father's steps, he is well respected and handsome too.

Nigerian Carnival-London

They are appealing to all who have a positive vested interest in Nigeria to be part of the success of a Nigerian event in London. Naturally are interested in all individuals companies, organisations, charities etc who appear to be operating in parallel to regenerate Nigeria from abroad. they would like to explore the participation of everyone and this could be in various forms Attendance of event Website return links Sponsorship opportunities in any form Exhibition of products and services at the event VIP sections Pre/Post/Dinner parties

Currently they have full participation and support by the Nigerian High Commissioner His excellency ,Dr Christopher Kolade, are also registering sponsorship from large companies like Maltina , Western Union, and many others. The main African media organisations based in the UK are all on board such as BEN TV, The trumpet, Crystals Magazine, Gbedu Magazine, Choice FM to name a few. They are also registering participations from major Nigerian societies in the UK and abroad. The event could only grow from strength to strength as all Nigerians in the diaspora could come together in a massive carnival which strongly describes Nigerian wealth and creativity. They look forward to welcoming all Nigerians and visitors to the first and only Nigerian event that will unite us all. Attached is a copy of our flyer that has been going out to all, so please feel free to foward this email to everyone you know.

If you need more information or have any enquiries, you can visit their website at or contact me through my details below.

OR simply contact

Toyin Orowale

Nigerian Carnival- Partner

Phone: 07939 980026


You know what? don't just sit there and think what do I do best...oh ok I can draw, I can write or sing, don't exercise it only when you're asked to fill a survey, use it in your everyday life.
By this I mean when you have a very good talent such as singing and dancing, please I beg of you show it anywhere, maybe in church or anywhere you feel like, don't waste it and time is clicking please explore your talents and let everyone know you've got this big thing. Be proud of it.
Also put this at the back of your mind, if now you are too busy and can't travel anywhere, please when you know you're less busy, explore the world don't just sit there and feel I want to be a pharmacist, solicitor and wish what you dont feel will happen, exercise ur talents. ma 2cents