Friday, August 28, 2009

Trendy styles using Ankara

The way things are now it seems everyone is into Ankara
People now do businesses in ankara, they dont only sell the fabric but they even use the fabric to make fashionable shoes and Bags for all type of occasions.
Even now there are events such as Ankara festivals in London which is coming up soon, so if you have any ankara style you want to show off, then come with your uniqueness...its going to be banging
Moreso, if you think you need some nice Ankara fabrics, do not hesistate to contact the following


Coventry, United Kingdom, for lovely ankara fabrics

Its been a long, long time

I understand its been quite a long time i updated my blog, I have been busy, I mean very busy with lots of stuff. At the beginning of this year I promised to do alot of things which includes travelling, doing my driving tests and all...and I'm glad am getting there.
So hows everyone bn?
Love y'all