Wednesday, April 04, 2007

An achievement?

What exactly is blogging all about?
In my own word blogging is allowing other people to know about your personal life by creating a blog like this or rather other thing entirely it could be based on music, movies et al.
My definition may not be right but you can also check it up for yourself.

This is my first time of starting a real and natural blog about myself i really want to concentrate on it. I am here to write about what I think about different people, culture (Basically Nigeria) I am so interested about Nigeria because I am Nigerian myself and I'm proud to be.
I read different kind of blogs they really interest me to the extent that whenever i log on a computer I first look up for Nigerian blogs, i love the gists et all.


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pressy-gold said...

nice one gurl, dont worry its just the beginning...ur going places i love all the write-ups and gists by the way